Customer Service

Customer Service

Signing Up for Service

If you are moving to the area and would like to establish a new electric service account, we will need:

1) the name, address, telephone number, social security and driver’s license numbers for the person responsible for the account,

2) the account holder’s signature on a new application for service to be completed at our office by one of our customer service representatives, and

3) a deposit up to $445.00 determined by a credit report and a membership fee of $5.00 to be paid at the time application for service is made.

Deposits may be waived only if an applicant has a satisfactory credit rating confirmed by online utility exchange. Co-signatures are also accepted in lieu of deposits, but only from a parent of the applicant. The parent co-signer must be an existing member of Tri-County EMC and have a good credit history with the cooperative. When applying for new service, having information available such as the previous occupant’s name, the meter number and the street address will help save time and avoid confusion. Providing the customer service representative with as much information as possible will help make your visit to our office brief and more productive.

After making the application for service, it normally takes one to two days to have electricity connected. If the service is to a newly constructed home or requires some construction (i.e. pole(s) set, wires run, etc) a longer period of time may be required depending on the circumstances. All new construction accounts must have a final electrical inspection from the county before electricity can be provided.

To apply for service now online, please click here.

Disconnection Policy

Your electric service is subject to disconnection if your account has a previous unpaid balance. By order of our board of directors, the previous unpaid balance must be paid within seven days of the billing date of your current bill or your electric service will be disconnected without further notice.

If your electric service is disconnected, the previous unpaid balance, a $40 reconnect fee and any additional deposit required must be paid before service can be restored. A $20 collection fee will be charged if our service personnel drives to your premises to collect your bill on the day of disconnect.