Home Energy Advisor

Home Energy Advisor

Tri-County EMC Empowers Customers with New Home Energy Advisor Tool

Now members of Tri-County EMC can find out exactly where their energy dollars are going—and how much money they stand to save by making their homes more efficient with our new Home Energy Advisor Tool!

In just a few clicks on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, the Home Energy Advisor tool analyzes energy use and areas for improvement by gathering information about your home’s location, size, construction, and energy systems. Combining these inputs with local weather and current energy prices, Home Energy Advisor instantly produces an accurate, detailed report.

Here's what you'll find in the Home Energy Advisor

  • The Home Energy Advisor -- This quick calculator provides an estimated breakdown of your energy use and costs by heating, cooling, water heating, refrigeration, lighting and appliances. Learn how much you can save in each area.
  • Billing Analysis -- Here the Home Energy Advisor goes one step further and incorporates your actual energy bills in its calculations.
  • Energy Forecast -- See the current weather's direct impact on your home's energy use and costs. Based on your area's 7-day weather, you can adjust a "virtual thermostat" for heating and cooling and see the daily dollar impact. Complete the home profile to pinpoint more savings opportunities.

       This tool quickly calculates and compares the operating costs of standard incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent and LED lamps.                                        



For kids and adults! Contains everything from energy-themed games to teacher lesson plans. Kids Korner creates a rich kid-friendly environment to facilitate in energy education.



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